Yacht Management

Our expertise and knowledge encompasses all aspects of yacht management, including the application and thorough understanding of formal codes for practice, rules and regulations, technical expertise, reliable administration, tailor made projects, commercial awareness, and the more subjective factors of yachting. We also provide the following services: Initial registration, re-registration, name changes, ownership changes, ownership structure, re-flagging, liaising with class and flag state surveyors. Input on annual budgets and financial planning and reports, monthly fund requests based on known and expected expenditure, checking invoices and generating receipts prior to payment with captains (or owners if applicable) and payment of crew salaries are some of the services our expert team will provide whenever needed.

Charter Management

Chartering is the chance to turn an investment in leisure into an opportunity to generate revenue; which helps cover the running costs of your luxury yacht. Placing your boat into charter service can enhance its re-sale value by establishing a beneficial reputation in the global charter marketplace while reducing the cost of ownership. Our approach is pragmatic and achieves compliance with a minimum of expense and disruption to a yacht’s operation. Close cooperation with the captain and crew insures that the yacht is operated day by day as safely and efficiently as possible.

Yacht Services

Excellence through professionality and passion. We aim to fulfill the needs of superyachts in the most professional and prompt manner possible. To ensure you get the best from your yacht, we will assist you in all tasks that can be handled on shore, providing bunkering, agency and legal services.

New Build Management

If you consider commissioning the construction of a new build or refitting an existing yacht, we provide project management services. Our aspiration is for the construction or refitting of your yacht to be exciting and stress free – yet we will ensure you have full control of every detail.

Why choose us ?

A yacht is a significant investment and requires careful management, from strict financial management to employing a trusted crew and managing a well run operation. Our management services ensure that your yacht is being administered, maintained and operated at the highest standards.

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